Menendez Enraged by State Dept. Official at Hearing: ‘I’m Not Asking Russia … I’m Asking You!’

‘No, that’s a good question for you’


MENENDEZ: "That's a good question for you. You know, the disdain that the State Department has when they come here, I don't appreciate it. I'm asking for legitimate questions with answers that I can make policy decisions. I'm not asking Russia about our national defense, I'm asking you!"

THOMPSON: "Yes, Senator. As our staff was up — "

MENENDEZ: "Is it possible that, in fact, if there was no New START, that in fact Russia could aim hundreds or thousands of new weapons? Is that possible?"

THOMPSON: "That's a hypothetical, Senator, and I'm not going to answer that."

MENENDEZ: "Oh my God."

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