Lara Trump: Media, Dems Will Do and Say Anything as Long as It Makes the President Look Bad

‘There’s no out of bounds with us’


TRUMP: "Oh my gosh, well of course not. Nothing will prepare you for that, and it’s funny because during the campaign, in my mind I was sort of like, you know, if he wins then I guess all this will stop. People will say, you know what, he’s officially the President, our side lost and although we’re upset about it, he’s the President and we want the best thing for the country so we’ll rally around him and hope he does a great job. I truly, and maybe naively, thought that that would be the case and unfortunately what we’ve seen is quite the opposite, that things have even gotten crazier when it comes to the mainstream media, when it comes to the Democrats. There’s no out of bounds with us, there’s no low that’s too low, they’re willing to literally do and say anything about any of us as long as it makes the President look bad in some way or his Administration look bad or family look bad. It’s really sad to see because, again, we should all be championing our President, whomever that person is, because they’re the leader of our country and the free world."

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