Gillibrand: Trump’s ‘Always Intended to Have Radical Justices’ to Undermine Basic Reproductive Freedoms

‘He’s lying to the American people ... about his intentions’


GILLIBRAND: "President Trump is lying to the American people. He's lying to the American people about the issue and about his intentions. He’s always intended to have radical justices on his court to undermine basic reproductive freedoms and civil rights. I think the American people need to not only listen to his words but watch his deeds. He is someone who does not value women. And he certainly doesn’t want to allow America’s women to make decisions about their own families, and bodies, and health and well-being. He’s criminalizing doctors who are providing care with lifetime sentences in this Alabama law. And he will make it impossible for women to seek the care they need and be able to meet the needs of their families.”

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