‘The View’ Criticizes Warren: ‘If You Can’t Face the Fox Audience, You Can’t Face the U.S.’

‘It’s that simple’


McCAIN: "But it’s very shortsighted on her part for a few reasons. Number one, if you can even change one mind in a Republican household, that to me would be worth it for Elizabeth Warren."
BEHAR: "She has changed minds on that side."
McCAIN: "But not if you’re not going on Fox News. You have to go to spaces that are uncomfortable. Let me finish really quick. And I will say, right now the far left that are running are looking for people like AOC's endorsement, and she has said she's deciding between Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. I took this as a political move on Elizabeth Warren's part trying to differentiate herself from Bernie Sanders so she can get those kinds of endorsements. I think it’s shortsighted. I think it will work in the primary, but I agree with you. It’s the United States of America. Every woman on this show goes into spaces we’re uncomfortable with and it's effective."
BEHAR: "You have to get through those primaries, Meghan."
McCAIN: "But you can’t go so far left that you’re not for everyone."
HOSTIN: "Fox viewers will remember that."
GOLDBERG: " If you can’t face the Fox audience, you can’t face the U.S. It’s that simple.”

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