Sen. Kaine: ‘I’m Deeply Worried About Getting into an Unnecessary War’ with Iran

‘There’s a whole series of things in the national security space where we have to do our job to exercise oversight’


KAINE: "Some of the key committee chairs and rankings. But, look, we shouldn’t be at a point where news is coming out about war plans, 125,000 U.S. troops, some of the rhetoric that’s being used by the administration against Iran. We shouldn’t be at that point without having brought in the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees. What I worry about, Andrea, and you and I have talked about this before, this is a president who thinks he can do it without Congress. He’s not briefing us about every new move in the trade wars, the imposition of new tariffs. I was asking at the Foreign Relations Committee today about really important national security information that I asked about 45 days ago, transfers of nuclear technology information to Saudi Arabia that they were supposed to let the public know about. They did not. I’ve asked for this information, now a month and a half has gone by, they haven’t given it to me. So there’s a whole series of things in the national security space where we have to do our job as the Article I branch to exercise oversight because that’s how the American public learns what’s at stake. I’m deeply worried about getting into a completely unnecessary war, and especially a president thinking he can do it without coming to Congress and the American public."

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