CNN’s Sciutto on Russia and China’s ‘Shadow War’: When Trump Believes Putin, It’s ‘Demoralizing’ to the Military

‘Americans are aware of election interference’


CAMEROTA: "And there-in lies the rub. And so the fact that now the -- you know, people say that they have eyes wide open about what Russia is doing, what do they think when they hear President Trump say that he believes Vladimir Putin over the intel agencies, as he did in Helsinki. We all remember where he said he doesn't see why it would be Russia or why it would be Vladimir Putin. So it -- what are we to make of that?"
SCIUTTO: "It's demoralizing. I'll say -- so I spent a lot of time on this book on the ground, on the fronts of each of these wars. You know, speaking to people in space command, U.S. space command, who were thinking of ways to defend our satellites. You speak to the submarine commanders, you speak to the commanders of the surveillance flight captains, you know, flying surveillance missions over China. They see it this way. Both people in uniform and not in uniform. And they're fighting -- they're fighting this war today. But they will say, we can't do it without leadership from the top. And you hear this from inside the government, inside President Trump's own administration, that you need a whole of government response. And when you have a president, for instance, who's held one cabinet-level meeting on election security, how seriously is he taking it, one, but do you have the resources necessary to fight back? And it is demoralizing and it raises questions. And I'll tell you, not only does it raise questions here, but it raises questions from our adversaries about how serious is the president about this and can those countries take advantage of that lack of seriousness? And, absolutely, that's their view. And you see it happening." 

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