‘Ready for Hillary’ Advisor on Secret Emails: ‘Nothing Nefarious’ Going On

‘What she was doing was exactly what her predecessors were doing’

SEFL: "This is certainly a story that begs for a flow chart, or a chronology, or something that can clearly outline points that make the story seem very different than a headline might scream. What she was doing was exactly what her predecessors were doing. It's fascinating, frankly, the more that we've learned over, I don't know, 48 hours of this story, that there was nothing nefarious going on here. But because this is new information for many of us, new familiarity with complex federal rules about these things …

The provision that was in operation while she was in office is the provision that se adhered to. When I mentioned that the chronology is really warranted here, it's because the things then changed after she left office. Things further changed, and then things were further implemented. So this is a very interesting story when you think about it in that chronology. But more importantly and the reason I'm here -- I'm not here as any sort of federal record archive expert in at least nor do I think Ron would purport to be, but what we do know is that she was behaving in the same manner of her predecessors. Moreover, when requested --when the State Department requested records not just from her, but from those predecessors, she turned over precisely that. And I have been trying to imagine just how big a stock of 55,000 pages might be."

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