CNN’s Phil Mudd: How Does Trump Have Legitimacy to Slam Tlaib When He Gushes Over ‘Love Letters’ from Kim Jong Un?

‘Legitimacy is a problem when you hear the president say all these dictators, who not only sideline opponents, but murder them, I like those people’


MUDD: “I think you could look at this from a policy lens and saying it’d be nice to have no media attacking. I think there’s a simpler lesson that has to do with the president’s ego. As the foreign policy guy I keep trying to find a systematic explanation. Every circumstance, North Korea, Russia, China on trade, nato in terms of how they pay for nato costs — every single time if you can find me a time where the president said the guys before me got it right, every single time it’s like Iran, again North Korea, NAFTA. Every single time it’s like they got it wrong, I’m the genius in the room, I’ll change it.”

(Via Mediaite)

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