Lewandowski: Trump Will Remind the American People Biden Was Driving the Failed Obama Agenda

‘People forget the 8 years of the Obama Administration and all the failures that Joe Biden is tied to’


LEWANDOWSKI: “I think it’s both. People forget 8 areas of the Obama Administration and all the failures that Joe Biden is tied look, this president wants to talk about what the economy has done under his leadership and if Joe Biden wants to reiterate the 1.2 and 1.3 new normal, that’s contrast of where this administration have taken the American people, if Joe Biden wants to talk about the hundreds of thousands of manufacturing job, this administration wants to talk about manufacturing jobs they brought back. This president has lined up a clear difference between what Barack Obama failed to do and what he’s been able to do and he will remind the American people that Joe Biden was the man driving agenda in the Obama moneys.”

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