Concha: CNN’s Selling a ‘Bill of Goods’ on Trump’s Tax; ‘Alienating...’Viewers By Acting Like Children’ on Air

‘Donald Trump literally says on video that he lost billions of dollars’


CONCHA: "Why? Because it was presented as recycled news. I don’t like to use the term 'fake news,' Tucker, but in this case you could have read Donald Trump’s book from 2007, The Art of the Comeback. You could have read any of the New York tabloids, the New York Daily News, The New York Post talked about the Trump slump from those years between 1985-1994. You could have watched The Apprentice, season one, episode one, the very first segment. Donald Trump literally says on video that he lost billions of dollars. He was billions in debt and he was able to come back. So to keep all of that out of reporting, if we want to call this even reporting, that is the bias of omission, we've talked about that before, and that is the worst kind of bias. Because if you were, say, younger, or you didn't follow Donald Trump, or you live in the bubble and you're taking care of your kids every day and you're working hard, and you come home and hear this story about Trump losing billions back at that time, and you don't get the other side of the story, which is he was very transparent about it on TV, on books. You're being sold a bill of goods here that this is new revelation when it was anything but new, Tucker."

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