Tucker Rips into Comey: Who Talks Like That? A Person Who Will Do Anything for Power, a ‘Scary Person’

‘What kind of system would promote a man like that?


CARLSON: "So ignore the obvious, agree with me or you have no soul. Who talks like that? The sort of person who will say or do absolutely anything for power, a scary person talks like that. Not long ago, Jim Comey was one of the most powerful men in the world. He could investigate you or anyone else at will. He could ruin lives if he wanted, and sometimes he did. How did a person like that ascend to a position of such authority in our government? What kind of system would promote a man like that? What kind of media would cover for him? Those are the questions we got to be asking tonight. If there was one Jim Comey in the federal government, that means there are probably many others, and that should concern us."

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