Rep. Connolly: ‘Idea’ Giuliani Is Asking a Foreign Leader To Interfere in Our Elections Is ‘Stunning’ and ‘Deeply Troubling’

‘Ought to be deeply troubling to every patriotic American’


CONNOLLY: “You know, this is another one of those far right conspiracy theories that there was some connection between whatever hunter Biden was doing and what vice president — then vice president Joe Biden was doing as part of the Obama Administration. Anyone who’s looked at it, Bloomberg, “The New York Times,” others, has dismissed it as completely without foundation. That of course doesn’t stop Mr. Giuliani from trying to pick an issue, create an issue for the leading Democrat for the 2020 nomination for president. I will say besides the fact that it’s without any foundation and Mr. Biden was joined by the imf and many European leaders in calling for the dismissal of the lead anti-corruption investigator in the Ukraine at the time for his own corruption, but the idea that the president’s personal attorney after everything we’ve been through in the 2016 election in terms of foreign interference would go to a foreign leader, newly elected, and ask him to interfere in our election process is stunning and overt and deeply troubling and ought to be deeply troubling to every patriotic American.”

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