Rep. Raskin Calls Trump a ‘Dictator’ and a ‘Despot’

‘So it’s Putin in Russia, Trump in the United States’


RASKIN: “Look, all of the dictators and despots and tyrants and kleptocrates and bullies around the world have found each other. So it's Orban in Hungary, it’s Putin in Russia, Trump in the United States, and Duterte in the Philippines, and they’re trotting around the world like Steve Bannon is, trying to organize the alt-right extreme racist and nativist and anti-immigrant elements all over the Earth, and it’s a terrifying thing. We have stand up for constitutional democracy in America against these attempts by the Trump administration to engage in continual deception and stonewalling of Congress and the American people. So they do want to go back to investigating their fantasy deep state conspiracy about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. This is what they want to focus on. They’re not interested of doing the work of the American people. They’re not working with us on health care. They’re trying to take away pre-existing condition coverage. They’re not working on prescription drug reform and not working to try to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2016 election so we can prevent a repeat in 2020 and we can protect the character of our political democracy."

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