‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Trump Jr.’s Beard: ‘It’s Sort of a Mix of Boogie Nights and Jerry Falwell Jr.’

‘What’s with the beard?’


BRZEZINSKI: "More on the story Willie just mentioned. Axios' Mike Allen will explain Don Jr.'s three options for responding to the subpoena."   
SCARBOROUGH: "Can we just stop there for one second? Does he not — what’s with the beard?"
HEILEMANN: "This is Mumford and Sons."
SCARBOROUGH: "It’s sort of a mix of 'Boogie Nights' and Jerry Falwell Jr."
GEIST: "Eric has one as well. I think it's a brother thing."
SCARBOROUGH: "Oh, does Eric —"
GEIST: "Yeah, Eric's got a beard as well."
HEILEMANN: " You can’t say the words Jerry Falwell Jr. anymore in quite the same way that you used to."

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