Geraldo: Nadler, Waters, Schiff, Pelosi Have ‘Malicious Intent’ with Trump

‘They don’t want truth here’


GERALDO: “I’m a moderate person, generally speaking, I like bipartisanship, but I urge the Trump Administration from the top down to fight the Democrats every step of the way. You know, bipartisan, the Senate is a little different, a little more complicated because there is a Republican in there with the Democrats, but on the House side it is all the Democrats. It's Schiff, Nadler, Waters, and led by Speaker Pelosi. They have malicious intent, Steve, I believe. They don’t want truth here. They want to embarrass the President. They want to continue to relitigate the Mueller report. There was no collusion found. For goodness sake, let's get over this. You have accused this president of the most vile things possible. He has been exonerated largely by the Mueller report. The Mueller report says there is no collusion. The obstruction case is so lame. I want the country to get going. That bipartisanship that is evident now in the Senate Intelligence Committee with what Senator Burr did, let's take that bipartisanship and apply it to infrastructure, apply it to the immigration situation. You know, support the President on trade. Get together and make something great happen rather than continually going back over the same territory. They have tortured this man and his administration for over two years. Basta! Enough. Let’s get the thing behind us. If I was with Don, Jr., if I was his lawyer, I would fight them."

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