Rep. Tlaib Throws Shade at Dems Not Ready To Impeach: ‘Ten Million People Just Told Us: Do Something’

‘10 million people want us to uphold the United States Constitution’


TLAIB: “What I think is important is to recognize that 10 million people said that we need to hold this president accountable. That speaks volumes. Just alone think about it, 10 million people want us to uphold the United States Constitution. 10 million people want us to investigate this president and whether or not he has violated the United States constitution and whether or not he’s acting above the law and I think that is tremendous, you know, movement that is moving — saying to all of us as members of Congress, please, please do something. Take back our democracy. Get back our country. Because for so many of us we’re seeing this becoming a slippery slope and to a president, you know, really does believe that he’s above the law. I think any of us, yourself, Erin, or myself doing anything that he’s done, including not divesting in his businesses while he’s president, all of the interactions between the Trump Organization and the Trump Administration, we would be under investigation today. We would probably be prosecuted within 24 hours.”

(Via Mediaite)

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