Comey on Hillary’s ‘Extremely Careless’ E-Mails: I Should ‘Have Said Something More Plainspoken’ So GOP Didn’t Think She Broke Law

‘I probably should have said really sloppy or something, but I had to characterize it’


COMEY: “That’s a good question. If I can go back in time, I would find a way not to be involved at all. But if I don’t have that magic wand, I — I think I’d likely do it the same way. Here was my problem. I and the FBI needed the American people to trust that this wasn’t a political fix job, that this was done in a credible, fair, independent way. Secretary Clinton had engaged in conduct that was way beyond what the normal carelessness was. So how do we explain to the American people that it’s not the ordinary stuff, but it doesn’t rise to the level that you would be locked up for it? So I have to characterize the behavior in some way, not to attack her, but so that the American people understand this is the basis for their judgment. It’s not criminal, but it’s not the ordinary stuff. I probably should have said really sloppy or something, but I had to characterize it. The goal was to offer transparency to foster trust. I actually think you’ve seen it now. We all realize the importance of it now with the Mueller report. The Mueller report contains far more detail about individuals who are not charged than we ever even considered offering in the Clinton case, but it’s important for all of us to understand the basis of the decisions being made.”

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