Tapper: We’ve Never Seen a Degree of Animosity like Obama and Netanyahu’s

‘... which is really quite remarkable in the history of relationships between the United States and Israel’

BLITZER: “There’s some tough talk that’s been going back and forth between the prime minister of Israel, the president of the United States, and yesterday the president, you know, said Netanyahu was wrong in his dire predictions about what would happen earlier as far as Iran’s nuclear program.”
TAPPER: “That’s right, Wolf. And let’s take a look at this from 30,000 feet. Beyond the mano-a-mano showdown between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, which is really quite remarkable in the history of relationships between the United States and Israel. We’ve never really seen anything like this. The degree of animosity between the two country’s leaders. But most importantly, beyond all of the psycho drama is the fact that this is about a potential deal preventing a nuclear weapons program with Iran. So when President Obama takes a shot at Benjamin Netanyahu’s credibility pointing out that all the dire predictions Netanyahu made in 2013 about this interim deal, none of them came true. Yes, on one level that is about the personal animus between the two but on another level Obama is making the argument to Congress you cannot trust this guy when it comes to deals with Iran. I know what I’m doing. He does not. Conversely, Netanyahu making the same case to Congress later today. I know what’s best, he’s going to say, about the safety, security and very existence of Israel and President Obama is almost a little naive. That is what’s going on. And really, the stakes could not be higher. We are talking about potentially the existence of Israel.”

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