Klobuchar: ‘I’m Not’ Concerned About ‘Putting the Brakes’ on the Economy When I Repeal Trump’s Tax Cut

‘I would bring the corporate tax rate down some but not where they brought it’

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KLOBUCHAR: “I don’t know how many people in this room has money stored over in the Bahamas. Can you raise your hands? Not many, none. So to me the answer is what they did there was at $150 billion in debt because of the way they did the taxes. So a one on the economy that will work for everybody. I would bring the corporate tax rate down some but not where they brought it. I still think the businesses would be strong. What they want to make sure they have our businesses, customers, consumers that can buy stuff. They are not going to be able to buy stuff, average people if they don’t have the money in their pocket to do it. That is how our economy works.”

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