Tim Kaine Says Trump Is ‘Very Frightened About Mueller Testifying’

‘He Trump is very worried about what Mueller will say about him’


BALLASY: “Tim, I’m talking to members about the situation with Bill Barr, with the attorney general.”
KAINE: “Mm-hmm.”
BALLASY: “Do you think the House is making the right move by holding him in contempt?”
KAINE: “I’m not going to comment what the House is doing. I mean, I was — I was very disappointed in his testimony, but I knew I was going to be disappointed by what I ‎knew about him when I voted against him. Because he had freelanced a memo to try to undercut the Muller investigation, even before he was AG. And the wide variance between his 4-page summary,‎ and the 400-page redacted report that you were able to read showed he was more of a spin guy than the nation’s attorney. So, very disappointed in that. But I don’t have advice for the House.”
BALLASY: “What do you think of the president saying Muller should not testify?”
KAINE: “I’m — I’m aware that the president is very frightened about Muller testifying. but I hope that he does testify. And I think that he should.”
BALLASY: “Do you think he’s — the president’s worried he might say something that’s contrary to kind of what he’s been saying about the —“ [crosstalk]
KAINE: “I think he’s — he is — he is very worried about what Muller will say about him, yes. Thank you.” 
BALLASY: “The president’s talking about how Muller should not testify. What do you think? Should he testify?”
HARRIS: “Yes, absolutely.”
BALLASY: “The president is saying that Muller should not testify before Congress. Do you agree with that?”
GRAHAM: “Leave that up to Mr. Muller.”
BALLASY: “I’m — I’m getting reactions from members about Muller, and the president saying he should not testify before Congress. What do you think about that?”
BLACKBURN: “It’s —  I think we’ve heard from Mr. Muller, I would hope that colleagues have been listening. The report is out there and I think everyone should read it. We had a very productive hearing with General Barr, last week, and — and‎ we appreciate that he came in for us. Thank you so much.” ‎

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