RNC Chair: ‘The Democrat Party Is Definitely Going Down the Path Towards Socialism’

‘Socialism is not the answer’


McDANIEL: "Well, we haven’t seen [Biden] answer a lot of tough questions yet. We have to get where he is on the single payer, Medicare-for-all, free college education. The Democrat Party is definitely going down the path toward socialism and more of a government takeover of all of our primary functions. So the case will be the economy, economy, economy, period. When you have 5 million jobs created under President Trump, when you have over 3 percent GDP under President Trump, when you have wages growing and the lowest unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians and women a significant period of time, I mean, I don’t know how the Democrats can go and say, 'We’ll make a better case for how we get this economy humming when President Trump has done so well.' So what are they going to run on? Socialism is not the answer."

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