FNC’s Outnumbered Blasts President’s Deficit Spending: ‘Trump is a Swamp Denizen!’

‘President Trump has been spending money had overfished just like every of the president going back to, well, Reagan’


FAULKNER: "Wouldn’t we have to restructure our economy in order to do that? If we could do that even, with Republicans bicamerally in control over the last year up until the midterms of 2018, we couldn't cut spending — "

FRANCIS: "We can't, they didn't want to."

FAULKNER: "They didn't want to. Because it's swampy up in there."

MCDOWELL: "Again, now President Trump's a swamp denizen, I suppose, because he's been spending money hand over fist just like every every other president going back to, well, Reagan."

(h/t Mediaite)

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