Klobuchar: Obama Policies Created Strong Economy

‘We have had policies in place, starting with President Obama, that have aided that recovery’

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TAPPER: Senator Klobuchar, let’s start with the strong economic news out on Friday. The economy added more than a quarter-million jobs, better than economists expected. Unemployment is at its lowest level in almost 50 years. Wages grew faster than prices did. 

Do you give President Trump the credit? 

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I give our workers and our businesses the credit, Jake.

When you’re out there across the country, you see people working harder and harder every day. And this has meant that we are — our businesses are strong, and we’re selling American goods. 

That being said, a lot of people aren’t sharing in this prosperity because of the costs, the cost of college, the cost of health care, the fact that the president had promised that he would bring down the prices of their prescription drugs, and that just hasn’t happened. 

So, when you get out there and you see the energy out there and the concern, talk to farmers who are trying to sell their soybeans. There are people out there that are not sharing in this economic prosperity. And it’s not fair. And it’s not the American way. 

So, while we attribute a lot of this to our workers and to our businesses, we know we can do better as a country. 

TAPPER: Unemployment is the lowest it’s been since I was nine months old. You’re really not going to give President Trump any credit for that in terms of his tax cuts or deregulation or anything he’s done?

KLOBUCHAR: You know what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about, when we were in that downturn, and President Obama came into office, and he had to deal with that, with the Congress, to try to, one, right the financial industry, and then, two, get us on the road to recovery. 

And I remember that the Republicans were giving him grief when he took any credit for that. So, I think that we have had policies in place, starting with President Obama, that have aided that recovery. 

But what I believe is that we should be governing from opportunity and not chaos. And my problem with President Trump, and I think the problem you’re seeing from the citizens of this country when you mention those numbers and what’s happening is, they see chaos every day. 

They wake up in the morning, and they see a mean tweet, or they see some inconsistent policy that causes chaos during the day. They want to have a leader that their kids can look up to.

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