Eliana Johnson: ‘Real Problem’ Is Trump Is Pretending There’s Nothing to See on Russian Interference

‘[Trump] wants to have a good relationship with Putin, he’s doing the same thing with North Korea’


JOHNSON: “Well, I think the emphasis has been on collusion, and that was probably a mistake. I think that the emphasis, in the political discussion, should have been on the fact that our election was hacked. Now, some people were, of course, talking about that. But what we’ve heard, over and over again, was talk about the Trump campaign’s collusion. And I think, now, in the president’s conversation with Vladimir Putin, it’s very clear than he wants to use the Mueller report as cover to pursue what he’s long wanted to do. He talked about this on the 26 (SIC) campaign, to reframe our relationship with Russia. And he wants to have a good relationship with Putin. He’s doing the same thing with North Korea. But he was stymied in his ability to do this with Russia, because of the Mueller investigation and expressed frustration about that. Now, with Russia, there’s a particular problem, because of their interference in Venezuela. And that goes directly against what we’re trying to do there and —”

TODD: “The president is pretending, though, that there’s nothing to see there.”

JOHNSON: “Absolutely. And that’s a real problem.”

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