Michael Bennet: We Keep Losing to the Climate Deniers, People Who Are Taking Health Care Away

‘Losing to people who are cutting tax cuts for wealthy people and blowing up the deficit’


BENNET: “Democrats, Republicans and independents to change health care for the American people. To build infrastructure for the American people. To have an approach to climate that actually builds on the 70% of American people that say climate change is real. Humans are contributing to it. That is what — that is what the broad view is among the American”
TODD: “Okay.”
BENNET: “Yet we keep losing to climate deniers. We keep losing to people who are taking health care away from the American people. Losing to people who are cutting tax cuts do wealthy people and blowing up the deficit. We should ask ourselves, why are we losing to people that are adopting policies that are so antithetical to what the American people want? And a big reason for that is that we’re not talking to the middle of the America. We’ve got a bicoastal bias that is unconstructive.”

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