Klobuchar on Russian Meddling: Trump’s ‘Not Acting Like the Leader to Protect Our National Security’

‘Because if he wanted to do that, his administration wouldn’t be stopping the Secure Elections Act in its tracks’


KLOBUCHAR: “I don’t know what he wants. All I know is he’s not acting like the leader to protect our national security. Because if he wanted to do that, his administration wouldn’t be stopping the secure elections act in its tracks. They made calls from the white House when my bill with senator Langford was headed to the floor. They wanted to stop that bill that would have required to get assistance from the federal government for election equipment, would have required backup paper ballots. Multiple states don’t have backup paper ballots. It would have required better auditing, better information sharing. We know his own homeland security secretary was told not to talk to him about the threat to this election. We know his own FBI director has said that 2018 was a dress rehearsal and Russia is going to try this again. His director of intelligence said they’re getting Boulder. All this happens. What does he do? He coddles up to Vladimir Putin again. Has a nice talk with him and never even brings this up according to his own press secretary. That is wrong and he then makes it worse by calling it a hoax. I think we need to protect our nation’s security. As Marco Rubio said, one time it was one party and the next time it will be the other.”

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