Deutch on Poll Showing Warren Would Beat Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Believe That’s True’

‘We don’t have to run against Trump now because everyone will beat him, wrong’


DEUTSCH: "The other thing Trump doesn’t have going for him, he’s not running against Hillary Clinton. That was the epicenter of the perfect storm for Trump. He ran against a candidate that people pushed away from. The most important stat today is not even in that last CNN poll, it’s the first part of it as far as the 30-point gender gap with women, because you’re not overcoming that. Having said that, I want the Democrats to be very, very, very, very skeptical about that poll. When I see a poll that says Elizabeth Warren would beat Donald Trump today, I don’t believe that’s true personally. I believe that if tomorrow the country went to the voting booth, I don’t know if that would happen. The worst thing the Democrats can do, and Willie’s point is the right point — 'Well, everybody is going to be running against Trump, we don’t have to do that now because everyone will beat him.' — wrong! The message for everyone is still why are we better than Trump. And this is I think a little bit of an early head fake, and it’s good news for the Democrats but for me it’s concerning news because the worst thing they can do at this point is in any way, shape or form feel confident."

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