Scarborough: Trump Kept Saying Drink My Coke and Then You Drink the Coke and ‘You Find out There’s Raccoon Pee in It’

‘Good morning, America’

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SCARBOROUGH: “Donny, it just won’t work because, guess what, Donald Trump kept saying, 'Drink my Coke, this is better than new Coke, drink it. It’s the best thing you’ve ever had. You drink this, it will — all the things that your show is going to do, it will make you a better person, it will save America.' And then you drink the Coke and you find out there’s raccoon pee in it.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Oh, my God! Joe!”
SCARBOROUGH: “Good morning, America. But you can’t step back from that. And that’s what he doesn’t understand. Running a second time is far different than running the first time. So Donald Trump’s going to be trying to point to everybody else out there. It doesn’t work.”

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