Bolton: The Only Thing That Will Stop Iran at This Point Is a Military Strike

‘The president, although he says all options are on the table, is not prepared to do that’

MACCALLUM: "Let's start with that. Samantha Power just made some strong statements. She got a lot of applause from the crowd at APAC. She said 'Under no circumstances will the United States allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon, period."

BOLTON: "That is what President Obama has been saying for the last six years and it’s simply not true. Iran continues to make progress both in terms of uranium enrichment, in terms of its weaponization activities, in terms of its ballistic missile programs. The only thing at this point that will stop Iran unfortunately is a military strike. And the president -- although he says all options are on the table is not prepared to do that. So I think this deal is really going to give Iran a clean path toward getting nuclear weapons. Rhetoric is not going to stop them."

MACCALLUM: "How much of this has to do with the Iran -- with the Iran deal that the president has been working on with his relationship that he's built through letters and correspondence with Rouhani and Khomeini. It appears that he feels that he understands their minds better than Netanyahu does."

BOLTON: "Yes. Barack Obama and his entire administration are like putty in the hands of the hard men of history in Iran. They have been massaging  this deal four years. They have been negotiating with the West for 13 or 14 years. They have steadily used that time to advance their nuclear weapons program. And that’s what this negotiation is about. They are going to sign this deal perhaps in a matter of days. The administration will announce it is the conclusion of their effort. You know what this deal is for the Ayatollahs? It’s just a resting place until the next negotiation starts. And the next negotiation will start because they will violate the deal before the ink is dry. I just think that’s something Barack Obama has never understood. You listen to what they say about the protections so-called that are provided in the deal. Every concession that Iran has made in the past year and a half is temporary, minimal and easily reversible. And they are fully prepared to continue their work toward nuclear weapons. This is all blue smoke and mirrors.


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