Lindsey Graham: Pelosi ‘Should Apologize’ to AG Barr

‘I think it says more about her than it does Bill Barr’


GRAHAM: "Yeah, I think she's the Speaker of the House who I actually admire as a person, disagree with our publicly, but it's an offensive statement. I think she should apologize to the Attorney General or be specific as to how he lied. I heard his testimony, they asked him about what he said in the House Appropriations Committee. The question was about the findings of the Mueller report and I think his testimony regarding his interaction with Mr. Mueller about the latter, I believe it and I'm going to send a letter to Mr. Mueller asking him if he takes issue with anything that Mr. Mueller said about the phone call they had. So I just think it's over the top, I think it says more about her than it does Bill Barr. I don't believe he lied one bit."

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