Conservative Groups Still Being Targeted by the IRS

‘There’s no truth coming out of Washington ... what they’re doing is illegal’

KILMEADE: "It’s been nearly two years since the IRS was first exposed for targeting conservative groups and you can just — you just heard Commissioner John Koskinen wove it would not happen again. But now new report revealed that it never even stopped. Some Tea Party groups have applied five years ago and are still waiting for answers on their tax exemptions and it gets worse. Rick Harbaugh represents one of those groups. He is Secretary on the Board of Directors at the Albuquerque Tea Party. Mr. Harbaugh, what do you take of the testimony last week that the emails that were approving your case were never even lost, they were never even requested? We’re talking about tens of thousands.”

HARBAUGH: “It’s a it’s a major problem. There’s no truth coming out of Washington on what’s going on. We have been waiting for five years and two months for our 501(c)(4) approval.”

KILMEADE: “And you wanted their approval in order to have an impact on election, get your voice heard, and without at 501 (c)(4), you can’t go raise money; you can’t formulate a group; you can’t organize events. So while everyone expressed outrage but there was no follow-up, the actual people perpetrating this crime get what they want.”

HARBAUGH: "Well they also when they get caught they get retired. What they're doing is illegal. There ought to be some action taken against these people that are violating the law."


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