Dana Perino: Pelosi Will Most Likely ‘Slow Walk’ Trump Impeachment

‘It will be interesting to see, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, either of those to say, let’s do impeachment?’


PERINO: “Even though you have democratic leadership, the speaker who can tap the brakes on impeachment, Democrats I think about 70% of them, and, I have to tell you you can’t have a better communicator. People are watching this hearing and people who didn’t like pellet President Trump are completely of another mind. But objectively as a communications person as an unflappable witness, he is deeply bereaved. He just to run the office of legal counsel of which a lot of this is to be debated over and it basically ended up debt, America’s favorite forwards today were were, my time is up. All the members of Congress, they said I guess my time is up because I didn’t feel like he was basically running circles around them. There are some things you can split hairs on, but I think the two basic things that he promised in his confirmation hearing to those very same senators. One, Mueller will not be interfered with, he will be allowed to finish his report. And that came true. Number two, he would make the report as quickly as possible and transparently as possible which also came true. Quibbling about a summary that was six weeks ago when the full report is out for anybody to read if they wanted to seems a little bit to me like being way over the top. So I do think that someday you will see Elizabeth Warren. It will be interesting to see, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, either of those to say, let’s do impeachment? Then you will know they want to go for it.”

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