Judge Nap: The Mueller Report Says Trump Committed Obstruction of Justice, the Same Thing that Nixon Was Charged With

‘The law is any corrupt attempt to interfere with a government function, prosecution or criminal investigation, constitutes obstruction of justice’


CAVUTO: "He characterized the letter not so much for what he said, but how the press interpreted what he said."
NAPOLITANO: "Except that the letter, and Blake Burman read the key part of the letter, says to the Attorney General, 'Your letter, your summary, failed to grasp the nature and extent and tone of our report.' Look, the Mueller report says the President asked his lawyer to lie to the FBI. That is asking him to commit a crime, and that is obstruction of justice. It’s the same thing that Nixon was charged with and it’s the same with Haldeman and Ehrlichman. It's the same thing that Bill Clinton was charged with with his secretary. It's a crime and it's an impeachable offense."

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