Mika Blasts Lucy Flores’ New Call for Biden to Apologize: ‘This Is Completely Ridiculous…I’m Done’

‘You guys can continue to talk about this, I won’t’

BRZEZINSKI: “I can promise you, I know Joe Biden, he went up behind her and took a deep breath because he was about to go on stage. I want to explain that because there’s a woman who accuses him of smelling her hair – he’s not interested in your hair. Okay? He was going on stage, he took a deep breath before he went on stage and you took it deeply personally, and now you’re writing a New York Times op-ed about it demanding an apology? This, once again, is completely ridiculous, and the rest of America thinks it’s ridiculous, too. I’m done. You guys can continue to talk about this, I won’t. I refuse to give it any more time.”

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