Kellyanne Conway: America Is Too Smart to Know That They Are Going to Pay for All the Free Housing, Health Care the Dems Propose

‘They know that they are going to be the ones paying the bills’


CONWAY: “I think you’re too smart for that. Speaking of the green New Deal, she got a lot of fanfare, here is welcome for that, then when it went to the actual vote, not a single Democrat voted for it. They were so cowardly, they voted present. Including those who are running for president said we must have it. This is the future. Then they didn’t have the guts to even get an affirmative vote. So a lot of these ideas sound great. They are a sugar high, empty calories. Americans are too smart for that. You hear free housing, free health care. They know that they are going to be the ones paying the bills. We don’t want to have the government takeover or medicine. Private insurance and so on.”

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