Fox News’ Napolitano Stands by Mueller Report Assessment: Shows ‘Classic Obstruction of Justice’

‘The statute prohibits all attempts to interfere with the government’


MACCALLUM: "So if you call up Don McGahn and you rail and you say, you know, he should be gone. He should be gone, meaning Robert Mueller, who is the Special Counsel. And then the next day, which is the way it’s portrayed in the report, it just goes away. McGahn says I’m going to leave. I’m going to quit. His, you know, colleagues convinced him not to do that and then he never gets another phone call about it?"

NAPOLITANO: "And then the President finds out that he told all this to Special Counsel and he said go back there and take the testimony back. That’s asking McGahn to lie, which is classic obstruction of justice."

(Via Mediaite)

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