Mehdi Hasan: Trump Showed ‘No Anger or Outrage’ over Synagogue Shooting

‘This is a massive problem and Trump has to keep downplaying it’


HASAN: “This is a massive problem and Trump, of course, has to keep downplaying it. And you were right in your intro to talk about the different ways in which he reacts to different types of terrorist threats. If this were ISIS or MS-13, Chris, you know we’d be having a very different conversation. If this were ISIS, we'd be talking about drone strikes and Guantanamo Bay and a bigger Muslim ban. If this were MS-13, it would be more deportations, more money for ICE, build a bigger wall. But it’s white nationalists, so from Trump all you got on Saturday was thoughts and prayers, that’s what he literally tweeted and then he said the suspect’s been apprehended. No kind of anger or outrage or any kind of policy prescriptions here to deal with this problem. I wonder why."

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