Fox News Guest Wowed By ‘Energetic’ Joe Biden Rally: ‘That Was Excellent’

‘It was a good bid for the center, for some of the Democratic Trump voters’


JASHINSKY: "Yeah, I have to say, that's a great way to phrase it, shook off the rust, because I've been skeptical from some of his his early media hits, that he wasn't doing that. But frankly, that was excellent. It was a good bid for the senator, for some of the Democratic Trump voters. Now, the problem is, it’s a pitch that would probably work very well in a general election against the President. But he has this primary hurdle to clear. And the progressive base is going to want to hear more about those things that he talked about, like a $15 minimum wage and less about how he’s looking back to how great the past was. He talked a little bit about the broken political system. Interesting kind of populous message, kind of Trumpian in respect. But he did marry it with the criticism of Trump. And it seemed energetic, he had his sleeves rolled up, it didn't feel very scripted. I thought that was a good performance from Joe Biden, even though it followed some, I think, more mediocre performances."

(Via Mediaite)

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