Chris Christie: Biden Needs To Avoid Being this Cycle’s Jeb Bush

‘Will Joe Biden change and adjust to these times — ‘


CHRISTIE: “No, he doesn’t change everything. I’ve always believed that he is unique unto himself and to this period of time and I don’t think he changes everything. And I’d say the other thing, that Joe Biden’s hugest risk is he’s Jeb Bush. His biggest risk is … Well, he’s the guy who comes out as the frontrunner early, he’s the guy with enormous history, he’s got associations like Joe Biden does with Barack Obama and others who lift him. But can he be someone who addresses today’s needs? Jeb, I think, never understood the political times we were in and he never changed and adjusted. Will Joe Biden change and adjust to these times to be able to be someone who, as Matt said, speaks to the concerns of Democratic primary voters now and then, ultimately, general election voters who, remember, did elect Donald Trump three years ago?”

(Via RealClearPolitics)

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