McAuliffe Repeats Debunked Claim that Trump Called Neo-Nazis ‘Good People’

‘Charlottesville was a defining moment’


McAULIFFE: "Because this campaign, to me, is going to come down to a question of character, the character of Joe Biden versus Donald Trump. I was the governor of Virginia when Charlottesville happened. I was there in Charlottesville when a thousand neo-Nazis, white supremacists and alt-rights were screaming the most vile things you can imagine against members of the African-American community, members of the Jewish faith. I talked to the President that day, President Trump, told him what was happening in the streets of Charlottesville. He said he was doing a press conference. I said, 'You go first and I'll wait for you.' He came out and said there were good people on both sides. John, there were not. These were neo-Nazis, alt-right, screaming obscenities. So what I love about what Joe Biden has done, he didn't talk about his record. This is about who we are as Americans. Charlottesville was a defining moment. Donald Trump failed the test as president, as the moral leader of our country. But also, on the other side with Charlottesville, racism exists in this country."

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