CNN’s Kaczynski on Steve Moore Saying He’s ‘Pulling a Kavanaugh’ on Him: ‘Don’t Even Know’ What that Means

‘I don’t even know what “pulling a Kavanaugh” means’


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MOORE: “I was so honored when I got the call from Donald Trump, and, you know, it’s been — but you know, all it’s been since then is then one personal assault after another and kind of character assassination, having nothing to do with economics. But, you know, my divorce 10 years ago, or something I wrote 25 years ago. They have six full-time investigative reporters looking into me at 'The Washington Post,' 'The New York Times' and CNN. And you know, Scott, I think it's I kind of wear it as a badge of honor, that they’re so afraid of me -- you know, they’re pulling a Kavanaugh against me.”
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HARLOW: “This follows some of your own reporting. Give us some background here.”
KACZYNSKI: “Yeah. Look, I don’t even know what pulling a Kavanaugh means. Look, when you’re a nominee or pick for a public administration, your record is going to get scrutinized, things that you say, things that you did, those are going to be reported on. I know this morning he was referring to this as a smear campaign, you know, covering comments that he made about women, covering things that he said, you know, in columns. That is not smear campaign, that's -- that is reporting on his record. So it’s a little -- it's a little odd that he finds just commenting things that he has done and said to be such a problem for him.”

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