Andrea Mitchell to Gillibrand: ‘Why Do You Think White Male Candidates Are Doing Better?’

‘Why do you think white male candidates are doing better than any of the women candidates?’


MITCHELL: "Just looking at the polls, early polls are misleading, obviously. But right now Bernie Sanders first in New Hampshire in a new poll today. Pete Buttigieg moving up. Joe Biden has name recognition. Those are the top three. Why do you think white male candidates are doing better than any of the women candidates?"
GILLIBRAND: "Well, I don't know, but this is a marathon and not a sprint. And I know that I have a vision for this country and the experience to actually get it done and a plan to get it done. My vision is for things that's simple as national paid lead, as broad based as national public service, really trying to get to full employment. This country is dealing with the under employment that we have across the country, and making sure people can get a better education, make sure that we have a national public service plan to get all kids trhough college with debt free.” 

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