Tucker Carlson: The Poor in California Are an Afterthought

‘The same people who want no limits on people who are moving here can’t even house the people who live here’


CARLSON: “But the video you are watching shows something else. Californians meandering poor, trash filled streets. Right in downtown, homeless encampments on the sidewalks and blanketing downtown L.A. The footage starts at fifth street and San Pedro and goes west. Block after block, tent after tent. This is how the poor spent Easter Sunday in California. They weren't clustered on one single road, it wasn't like skid row. It was like many skid rows. It continued. It is America's second largest city. The encampments began just two blocks away from little Tokyo, one of L.A's major tourist destinations. You might be wondering, with so many people priced out of local housing, few people are literally living in rvs, miles of rvs parked along the street. They are in tents, why wouldn't local leaders want to slow or stop the flow of new arrivals to get prices under control? To open up new housing? They are doing the opposite. L.A. Is a sanctuary city and as sanctuary state. They will denounce our borders an atrocity and that is an abomination. The poor in California are an afterthought, one of the reasons why they are multiplying. That's why when governor Newsom tried to fight it, he flew to another country to do it with El Salvador. The same people who want no limits on people who are moving here can't even house the people who live here.”

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