Preet Bharara: Mueller Report Shows He ‘Absolutely’ Believes Trump Can Be Prosecuted Once He Leaves Office

‘Because a president, once he leaves office, can be charged with crimes committed while in office’


BHARARA: "The Mueller review, it seems to me, if you look at the document, is that they absolutely believe there’s a potential viable prosecution once Donald  Trump leaves office. He says in great particularity, that although you cannot prosecute a sitting president under the OLC interpretation, we’re nonetheless preserving evidence while memories are fresh and documents are available, because a president once he leaves office can be charged with crimes committed while in office. I don't think it could be more clear.  Whether or not a prosecutor will seek to do it and whether or not there will be viable defenses, I don’t know. But the position of the Mueller team to me is clearly the case, they think there’s future legal jeopardy."

(Via Mediaite)

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