FNC’s McCarthy: Mueller Report Will Only Be 400 Pages of ‘Almost Obstruction and Collusion’

‘Democrats will comb through this report and throw all of that out there’


STRASSEL: “Right, this is all they've got but I think everybody should be honest and embrace themselves for what will happen on Thursday. When the Mueller report comes out. We know that underlying conclusions and understood there is no evidence of collusion. But don't forget that the information that Bob Mueller was given by the FBI included a lot of dirt that hasn't been out yet. Remember, we note that Bruce Ohr, having conversations with Christopher Steele with gps and passing along to the FBI. Entities are probably things Mueller looked at as well. Democrats will comb through this report and throw all of that out there. It won't matter that Mueller found no evidence. I think everybody needs to be aware. Because that will not be fun.”

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