Gingrich Praises Macron’s Response to Notre Dame Fire

‘I was thrilled that President  Macron came out and said they  would rebuild it — that’s exactly right’


GINGRICH: "Well, Callista and I were sitting there, frankly, just mesmerized by this horrible event. We've been there many times. It is one of the great centers of Western civilization and of Christianity, it's a magnificent, magnificent building, and we were just heartbroken. I know the President expressed very similar feelings in some statements that he made. And we have since worked with the Basilica in Washington to set up a little website where people can help give some money if they'd like to be helpful. I was thrilled that President Macron came out and said they were going to rebuild it. That’s exactly right.  My newsletter that's coming out today points out that it can be rebuilt.  We’ve done it before, we know how to do this, and 10 years from now we should have Notre Dame right back the way it was as a great, great center of civilization."

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