Fox News Anchor: Bernie Sanders Took a Lot of Unnecessary Swipes at Fox During Town Hall

‘I will give it to Bernie Sanders for coming on to Fox’


BANDERAS: "It was definitely a fair interview. I will give it to Bernie Sanders for coming on to Fox. Although he did take a lot of digs I didn't necessarily think were necessary. There was a point where Bret asked Bernie why he didn't refuse the tax cuts that he was so adamantly against. I want to play a portion of that. Okay. We already played that. I'm sorry, I thought we had another one on that. Bret also, I guess, pressed Bernie on the book that made him a millionaire, Dana. You and I talked about that earlier. I mean, a lot of his fan base and his voters are millennials. Those millennials look up to this man because they feel they can identify with him. His taxes though, now that he's been deemed a millionaire and part of the one percent bracket, does that change things, or do you think he addressed that, and maybe those that might doubt that maybe him being a millionaire might change his position with those voters?"

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