President Macron: We Will Rebuild Notre Dame Together

‘It’s what our history deserves’


TRANSLATOR: “It is a cathedral which is a cathedral of all French citizens, and even those who have never come to visit, it is our common history. And it is burning. It is burning and I understand the sadness, this inner turmoil felt by so many of our citizens, and tonight, I would like to give a message of hope to everyone. Hope is the pride that we must have. Pride, pride of — for all those who fought so that the worst may not befall us. These soldiers against fire, soldiers’ pride in this cathedral, over 800 years ago we were able to erect this cathedral and over the centuries we have improved it. We have made it grow, so with pride, I tell you tonight that we will rebuild this cathedral, all together, and it is part of the fate, the destiny of France, and our common project over the coming years, and I am committed to it. As of tomorrow, a national subscription will be launched that will go beyond our borders. We will call on the greatest talent, and there are many who will come and contribute, and we will rebuild. We will rebuild the Notre Dame, because it is what the French expect of us. It’s what our history deserves, because it is in the deepest sense our destiny. Thank you."

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