Shep Smith Ends Interview with French Official Floating Notre Dame Conspiracy: ‘We’re Not Doing that Here … Not on My Watch’

‘The man on the phone with us has absolutely no information of any kind about the origin of this fire and neither do I’

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KARSENTY: “This church was there for more than 850 years. Even the Nazis didn't destroy it. And you need to know that for the past years we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week in France, all over France. Of course, you will hear the story of the politically — the political correctness which will tell you that it’s probably an accident, but —"
SMITH: "Sir, sir, sir, we’re not going to speculate of the cause of something which we don’t know. If you have observations or you know something, we would love to hear it."
KARSENTY: "No, I’m just telling you something. What we need to be ready— "
SMITH: "No, sir, we’re not doing that here, not now, not on my watch. Philippe Karsenty, it's very good of you to be here. We’re watching at least the partial destruction of a world icon, Notre Dame Cathedral has been burning for 2.5 hours. The initial reports we got were that the fire started in a construction zone in the rear. We are thousands of miles away. And the man on the phone with us has absolutely no information of any kind about the origin of this fire, and neither do I. And the fire investigators will at some point come to a determination about what caused this. And conspiracy theories about anything are worthless and in many cases counterproductive and injurious to society. And those who entertain them are not acting in the best interests of the people of this planet.“

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