WaPo’s Rucker: Trump Is Going After Rep. Omar Because There’s ‘Anxiety’ About the Mueller Report

‘He has been creating so many big headlines in other areas’


RUCKER: "But you could also look at what President Trump has been doing the last couple of weeks and surmise that there could be some anxiety there about the Mueller report because he has been creating so many big headlines in other areas, going after Representative Omar very aggressively and other areas where he has been tweeting about immigration, for example. He is creating all these brush fires, which we know from covering him the last few years, this is what he does when there is a big story he wants to distract from or to get out in front of. And you talk to the President's aides and allies privately and they do express concern that this report could be politically damaging to them. And you have to wonder, if it is really a bad report for the President, does total exoneration become his mission accomplished which President Bush of course had, the ban on the aircraft carrier, prematurely declaring an end to the Iraq war. We will see."

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